Thad Hayes, Inc. is a New York based Interior Design practice which focuses on incorporating History, Craft, Culture and Concept into spaces that reflect the way we live today. Our work is solution based, an approach which often relies on simple bold gestures that root the design to architecture giving each project a sense of solidity and serenity.

Designs are conceptualized to balance simple, clean forms with warm, textured, historical ones often weaving a story or dialogue of periods. We feel strongly that bringing the past to the present enriches and enlivens our spaces and contributes to a larger narrative. We work with the finest artisans and craftsmen, relationships that span decades, to produce fabrics, furniture, lighting and site specific installations that enrich our works and form links between Man, Art and Nature.

Each project is conceived individually and relies on client and team collaboration, context, program, inspiration and thoughtful sensitivity. The goal has always been to build rooms, houses and structures that are simple, purposeful, functional and relevant. Spaces which set the stage for our clients to create memorable and lasting experiences.


Hayes has been recognized in numerous publications including Architectural Digest, House and Garden, and Elle Decor.

He has been named as one of thirty “Deans of American Design” by Architectural Digest, additionally he has been recognized as one of “The Best of the Best” by House Beautiful and has consistently been honored as one of “The AD 100.” Of his work, Architectural Digest has said, “Altogether, the designer has wielded restraint so astutely that the rooms exude a sense of being complete without being full.”


Spare, luminous, clean, subtle, luxurious, sophisticated, and unpretentious are all words that have been used to describe the work of Thad Hayes.

Words, however, can only suggest the intelligent sensitivity and meditative beauty of the work itself, brilliantly featured within the covers of The Tailored Interior. Included are twenty-one residences designed by Hayes, each of which embodies these qualities yet at the same time transcends them — to reveal spaces that are in themselves, as much as anything they might contain, undeniable works of art.



  • Architectural Digest
  • Architectural Digest
    Named one of 30 “Deans of American Design”
  • Elle Decor 
  • 1st Dibs
    “Fifty Rooms of Distinction”
  • House Beautiful
    Best of the Best

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